Creating a New Gallery

Welcome to the exciting process of adding a new gallery to your Booksession account! This guide will walk you through the steps to create a gallery using the user-friendly interface.

On the main dashboard or gallery list page, locate and click the "New Gallery" button. This will initiate the gallery creation process.

After clicking "New Gallery," a modal window will appear, providing a user-friendly environment for adding your new gallery.

Required and Optional Fields

  • Title (Required): Provide a meaningful name for your gallery in the "Title" field. This name will help you identify and manage the gallery effectively.

  • Client (Optional): If you wish to associate the gallery with a specific client, you can select the relevant client from the dropdown menu. This will link the gallery to the client's profile for easy access.

  • Auto Expiry (Optional): If desired, you can set an expiry date for the gallery. This option ensures that the gallery becomes hidden at 11:59pm on the specified expiry date.

  • Protect Images with Watermarks: Toggle this option to apply watermarks to your images, providing an added layer of protection for your work.

Upon successful creation, you'll be redirected to the gallery show page.

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