Ordering Photos in Your Gallery

Enhance the presentation of your gallery by mastering the art of photo ordering. This guide will introduce you to two effective methods for arranging photos within your Booksession gallery.

Ordering by Filename

The simplest method to arrange your photos is to sort them based on their filenames. Locate the "Order By Filename" button on top-right corner of the page. Once clicked, all photos will be sorted in alphabetical order according to their filenames.

Custom Sorting via Drag-and-Drop

For a more personalized touch, utilize the drag-and-drop method to reorder your photos. Within your gallery, click on a photo that you want to move.

  • While holding down the mouse button, drag the photo to your desired position within the gallery.

  • As you drag the photo, you'll notice other photos shifting to accommodate the moving image.

  • Release the mouse button to finalize the photo's new position within the gallery.

Custom sorting allows you to create a narrative or visual flow within your gallery. It's perfect for showcasing a story or presenting images in a particular sequence.

Mixing Both Methods

You can combine both ordering methods to achieve the precise arrangement you desire. Experiment with alphabetical ordering and custom sorting to see which approach best suits your gallery's theme.

Tips for Effective Photo Ordering

  • Consider the story you want to tell through your images when arranging them.

  • Use custom sorting to group similar images or create a sense of progression.

  • Regularly review and adjust photo order based on client preferences or gallery theme.

By mastering these photo ordering techniques, you can present your work in a captivating and visually pleasing manner, enhancing the overall impact of your gallery.

If you have any questions or encounter challenges while ordering photos, feel free to reach out to our dedicated support team at support@bookession.co or contact form.

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