Understanding Client Galleries and Storage.

Welcome to the world of Client Galleries, an invaluable feature included in every pricing plan at Booksession. This guide will provide you with a clear overview of storage limitations based on your pricing plan and how to access and manage your Client Galleries effectively.

Storage and limitations based on Pricing Plans:

At Booksession, we understand the importance of providing seamless and efficient services for your photography business. To ensure an optimal experience for all our users, each pricing plan comes with specific storage limitations for your Client Galleries:

  • Essential Plan: Includes 2 GB of file storage or up to 400 photos, whichever is reached first

  • Essential Plus Plan: Offers a generous 15 GB storage space or up to 3000 photos, whichever is reached first

  • Essential Pro Plan: Provides an ample 50 GB storage capacity or up to 10,000 photos, whichever is reached first

These storage limits are in place to ensure smooth performance and to accommodate your unique photography needs based on your selected plan.

Accessing Your Client Galleries:

Accessing and managing your Client Galleries is easy:

  • Log in to your Booksession account

  • Click on the "Galleries" link in the sidebar or follow this link. This will take you to your Client Galleries dashboard.

Monitoring Your Storage Usage:

To keep track of your storage usage and ensure you're within the allocated limits:

  • On your Profile, you'll find a section displaying your current storage usage.

  • Regularly monitor this section to know how much storage you've utilized and how much remains.

What Happens if You Reach Your Storage Limit:

In the event that you approach or reach your storage limit, you'll receive notifications to prompt you to manage your galleries and free up space. You have the option to upgrade your plan if needed to access additional storage and enjoy uninterrupted use of the Client Galleries feature.

Tips to Manage Your Storage Efficiently

  • Regularly review your galleries and consider archiving older or less frequently accessed content.

  • Optimize your photos before uploading to reduce file sizes while maintaining quality.

  • Utilize the "Favorites" feature to identify which photos are most important to your clients.

We hope this guide provides clarity on the storage limitations associated with your Client Galleries feature. Should you have any questions, encounter challenges, or require assistance, our dedicated support team is here to help. Reach out to us at support@booksession.co

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